1. Forgotten masterpiece: Complete original art by Alex Toth for “Dragula,” from Drag Cartoons #14, published by Millar Publishing Company, 1963. 

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  2. Original Tezuka Astro Boy page.

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  3. Hey you! Yes, you. Are you interested in owning some original Joe Quinones artwork? Well you’ve browsed by the right place! 

    Some new artwork was just posted up by my art rep Mark Hay on Splash Page Art, including work from my recent SURVIVE! one-shot as well as a recent Robocop cover I did. Also pictured here are some pages from my issue of Batman ‘66 and a Captain Marvel cover. All of which and more are available for sale on his site.

    Please do check them out. Thanks!

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    Original New Yorker illustration by Adrian Tomine featuring James Gandolfini and Julia Roberts in the film, The Mexican, 2001.


  5. ungoliantschilde:

    Punisher: War Journal-the Africa Saga TPB cover art by Carl Potts (layouts) and Jim Lee (finishes).