1. cockrum1970s:

    i dunno why, but i get a ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE vibe from this dave cockrum and bob wiacek page


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  3. pikitiapress:

    Neville Colvin Modesty Blaise Daily Comic Strip #5053 Original Art (London Times Mirror, 1980). “Lady Killers” was the 46th Modesty Blaise story, running from 10-15-80 to 3-15-81 (strips #5033-5127A). The image area of this graphite and ink on Bristol daily, featuring a topless Modesty in panel three, is approximately 18.75” x 5.5”. From 1980 New Zealand born cartoonist Colvin drew 1902 Modesty Blaise strips.


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    Fantastic Four #239, page 26 by John Byrne. 1982.

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